Hi, I’m Polly

I'm a 9 year old Panda (32 in hooman years), a ProPickelball Player, temporary Host of the Panda Pod, interim Head Pro at THE RED PANDA, Sous Chef for P I C K L E JUCE, and mother to three wonderful kubs. 

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Career Achievements

Pickleball Achievements

3X National ProPickleball Panda Mixed Doubles2X US OPEN Champion Panda Mixed Doubles

Table Bambooball Achievements

15X World Table Bambooball Championships

Bambooball Achievements

Career High Singles Bambooball Rank of the World No. 68 - October 1st, 20121X US OPEN Tennis Second Round Appearances2x Australian Open Second Round Appearances1x Wimbledoo Third Round Appearance1x French Open Second Round Appearance