Meet Polly the Panda in her very first book, Polly’s in a PICKLE.

The story begins with Polly finally showing an interest in pickleball after many failed attempts to include and excite her from her close friends.  A sport that was previously considered old and tired springs to life when Polly witnesses professional pickleball for the first time.

Her new-found interest leads her to visit a well-known equipment dealer in the hopes of getting properly outfitted for a head-first dive into pickleball. Unfortunately, on the way to the equipment dealer, Polly loses her way and ends up outside of the Magical Bamboo Village.

Here, she meets a set of foes, motivated to squash her new-found hopes and dreams, and a set of friends, happy to restore and rebuild her love for pickleball.

The story concludes with Polly realizing that she will not be returning home anytime soon, but still in high spirits for what lays ahead on her journey to professional pickleball stardom.

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THE MAGIC PADDLE - January 2023 Release

POLLY GOES TO THE WSOP I C K L E - February 2023 Release